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Cruise Ship Sinking
MS Britannia Sinking June 21, 2014

Nicko Tours MS Britannia Sinking with 154 passengers and a crew of 40 aboard in Ijssel River Zutphen, Netherlands

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MS Britannia Sinking June 21, 2014

Nicko Tours MS Britannia Sinking with 154 passengers and a crew of 40 aboard in Ijssel River Zutphen, Netherlands

The cruise ship Britannia began taking on water through a large hole in her hull with 154 passengers and a crew of 40 aboard while sailing in the Ijssel River on June 21, 2014, around 2200 hours UTC.

MS Britannia Sinking
The hole in the stern of Britannia's hull caused the cruise ship to take on water, resulting in mandatory evacuation of the 360-foot-long cruise ship near the Amsterdam suburb city of Zutphen located in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. The cruise ship was being flooded with several inches of water and water was being pumped out to prevent sinking.

Most of the 154 passengers aboard were retired people from Germany and Austria. All were evacuated safely.

Map shows location of Britannia cruise ship sinking on our Live Cruise Ship Tracker or our European Regional Cruise Ship Tracker with live real time weather, Northwestern Europe - North Sea Cruise Ship Tracker in real time

Our Live Cruise Ship Tracker shows on June 23, 2014 Britannia was on the move for repairs. See the image for the track. Britannia departed from the port ARNHEM at 2014-06-23 11:44 (UTC), arrived at port WESTERVOORT at 2014-06-23 11:50 (UTC) and then departed from port MILLINGEN at 2014-06-23 13:07 (UTC)

Britannia Sinking June 22, 2014
The MS Britannia flies the flag of Switzerland and is operated by Nicko Tours with 90 cabins which can accomodate 184 passengers. The restaurant aboard MS Britannia is aptly called Panorama Restaurant.

Nicko Tours operates over 30 river cruise ships sailing the Danube River, Rhine River & its tributaries, Elbe River , Vltava & Havel, Oder & Baltic Sea, Rhône & Saône, Seine & Loire Valley, Douro, Lagoon of Venice & Po, Volga & Neva, Dnieper & Black Sea and Yangtze River.

On March 11, 1941 the steamship of the same name, SS Britannia sank during World War II, when she was attacked by the German war ship with 492 people aboard. There were 243 survivors.

The HMS Britannia was sunk with 50 men aboard during World War 1 by the Germans on November 9, 1918. HMS Britannia was one of the last ships to sink during WWI and MS Britannia will be the last ship named Britannia to sink

HMY Britannia (HMS= Her Majesty's Yacht) was the Royal yacht of tQueen Elizabeth II from 1954 to 1997. HMY Britannia is now moored as a maritime museum at Ocean Terminal, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland.

MV Britannia is a cruise ship being built for P&O Cruises and is scheduled to take her maiden voyage on March 14, 2015. MV Britannia will be 1,083 feet long, have 15 passenger decks with a passenger capacity of 3,647 passengers attended by 1,350 crew members.

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