Cruise Ship Sinking

Cruise Ship Sinking
Pacific Sun Listing July 30, 2008

P&O Pacific Sun Severe Listing Resulted 42 Passengers Injured Slamming Against Walls and Floor in Severe Storm

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Pacific Sun Listing July 30, 2008

P&O Pacific Sun Severe Listing Resulted 42 Passengers Injured Slamming Against Walls and Floor in Severe Storm

At about 2000 hours the P & O Pacific Sun was bobbing in heavy seas, 21 foot swells and 50 knot winds, when the force of the wind and seas was too much for the cruise ship, and rolled her onto her side, tossing passengers about.

Reports say about 42 passengers were injured as they were slammed against the walls and floor of the ship due to a severe storm in and around New Zealand. The ship was about 600 kilometers north of Auckland, New Zealand when she was slammed.

The ship was due in Auckland this morning but the bad weather has delayed its arrival by 24 hours. P&O Pacific Sun was carrying 1732 passengers and 671 crew, was en route to Auckland following an eight day cruise in the South Pacific.

The vessel has not reported that it is in distress.

A Maritime NZ safety inspector will visit the vessel to check on her when she arrives in port, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

Passengers emailing the Herald from the Pacific Sun said the sudden movement had caused a mess in parts of the ship. Some passengers are reporting they were in the casino when the ship rolled. Slot machines toppled hitting some passengers.

Reports are saying the ship took two very strong rolls, each causing damage to contents and passengers aboard the ill-fated ship. Injuries reported as of upload, were bruises and broken arms.

UPDATE: August 3, 2008
When we have reports from passengers on incidents that are ship-wide, most frequently we are left trying to sort out the truth, to determine how bad the incident really was.

Without fail, there are always pro-cruise industry passengers as wells as supporters who were not on the cruise, who say the media blew the incident out of proportion, and things were not as bad as reported.

I read one such account today. Though, this time, it is painfully obvious, the person who made such a claim saying, "it was the best cruise ever." was not only inaccurate, but clearly deliberately deceiving the cruising public.

Other passengers said simply the cruise was "a little bumpy".

More details have surfaced regarding injuries incurred. This was not a minor cuts and bruises episode. There were broken legs and arms, a broken pelvis, broken ribs, cuts requiring stitches and other more serious injuries. These injuries are representative of a cruise that is "a little bumpy". "Bumpy", would be minor rolling.

There is video footage of the incident, that shows the severe roll of the ship, and everything slamming from one side of the ship, to the other. within the galleys and casino it was near total destruction as everything got slammed to the floor.

The incidents WAS every bit as bad as initial reports said before the ship disembarked the passengers. The troubling part, once again, is that the captain of the ship knew before it embarked on the cruise, and in fact, before the ship left Vanuatu to return to the home port that rough seas were ahead, and inspite of that knowledge, plowed on ahead.

Perhaps the most important comment I saw, summarized cruising. "When you take a cruise, you sign-on for whatever happens.". This is very true, a very evident fact to the passengers on recent cruises on the Sea Diamond Sinking April 5, 2007 and the MV Explorer Sinking November 22, 2007. All of these passengers were on ships that sunk recently, due to judgment errors by the captain of the ship.

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