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Cruise Ship Sinking
Norwegian Star Severe Listing October 25, 2007

Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Star make sharp turn to avoid ramming whales and 2,000 passenger battle with severe listing

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Norwegian Star Severe Listing October 25, 2007

Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Star made a sharp turn to avoid ramming whales 2,000 passenger battle with severe listing.

Cruise Lines has not said a word about the severe listing of their Norwegian Star cruise ship this past week.

Passengers on a Mexican Riviera cruise report that ship suddenly listed and tossed passengers, cabin contents, deck furniture, common area furnishings and pool contents when the ship leaned onto her side.

Passengers who were in elevators at the times said the pool water ran into the elevator and they got wet.

Passengers report two announcements by Captain Lars regarding the incident. The ship was apparently sailing at 25 knots when they came upon a Humpback Whale pod that passengers were watching.

The crew on the bridge made a sharp turn to avoid ramming one of the whales and then over-correct to right the vessel, with the result of tossed everything onboard about.

Depending where passengers were on the ship, played a roll in how severe the listing felt to them. Those higher in the ship would have felt the roll more significantly than those lower in the ship.

There are reports of severe injuries, bruises and injuries requiring stitches and the ship was delayed getting into Acapulco by about 30 minutes as the crew frantically cleaned up the ship before arriving in port.

Norwegian Star was on an eight day cruise that departed from Los Angeles, California on October 23. The ship left Los Angeles at 4pm on day 1 with two days at sea then stopping at Acapulco, Mexico for day 4 and 5.

After that, the ship was to go to Zihuatanejom Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico before returning to Los Angeles on October 31.

In recent years there has been an increasing problem with cruise ship rolling onto their sides and tossing everything onboard about.

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