Cruise Ship Sinking

Cruise Ship Sinking
Star Pride Grounding December 22, 2015

Windstar Cruises, Star Pride Grounding with 200 Passengers and 160 Crew, Near Isla de Coiba, Panama

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Star Pride Grounding December 22, 2015

Windstar Cruises, Star Pride Grounding with 200 Passengers and 160 Crew, Near Isla de Coiba, Panama

On December 22, 2015 Windstar Cruises reported on their Facebook page that Star Pride had grounded near Isla de Coiba, Panama and the cruise ship could not sail with approximately 200 passengers and a crew of approximately 160 aboard.
Cruise Ship Sinking
The Facebook posting said, "at approximately 6:15 am CST, Windstar Cruises, Star Pride, experienced a grounding while coming into anchor at Isla de Coiba, Panama. All guests and crew are safe. Guests were disembarked as scheduled for the day’s private island event. Windstar’s technical team inspected the ship and identified some areas of the hull that are damaged, making the ship unable to sail.

As the safety and security of guests and crew is of the utmost priority, the current Star Pride cruise is canceled. Because of Isla de Coiba’s remote location (an island off the coast of Panama), the lack of infrastructure in the area, and the lack of other support vessels, Windstar arranged for sister ship, Star Breeze, along with the Tere Moana (also sailing nearby) to transfer the guests to the mainland. We are grateful and appreciative for the support of the Tere Moana in this time of need.

Star Pride guests are currently en route to Golfito, Costa Rica. From there they will be transferred to San Jose, Costa Rica where they have the option to stay in Costa Rica for the remainder of their vacation, or to fly home early. Star Pride guests were refunded 100% of their voyage, as well as a 100% of cruise fare paid for future cruise credit. The crew of the Star Pride will join the Star Breeze on Wednesday, December 23rd.

The ship will be towed to the port of Balboa in Panama for further inspections and repairs. At this time we are also canceling the December 26th Star Pride voyage. Letters and call outs will start going out when our Vacation Planning department opens at 6:00 am.

You can follow the progress of Star Pride on our Live Cruise Ship Tracker page for Star Pride.

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