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Cruise Ship Sinking
Sky Wonder Grounding January 17 2007

Pullmantur Cruises (RCCI) Sky Wonder Grounded with 1,600 passengers off Argentina Coast

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Sky Wonder Grounding January 17 2007

Pullmantur Cruises (RCCI) Sky Wonder Grounded with 1,600 passengers onboard off Argentina Coast

Pullmantur Cruises, Spain's biggest cruise and tour operator, is owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Their Sky Wonder cruise ship, with 1,600 passengers onboard ran aground off the coast of Argentina on January 17, 2007.

Sky Wonder got stuck several miles (kilometres) from the port along the vast River Plate, which separates Argentina and neighboring Uruguay.

Port officials say strong winds are the blame for blowing the vessel onto a sandbar.

Several units were worked to solve the problem to allow the ship to continue its journey. But, after the three tug-boats failed in the effort to "rescue" the ship, the plan was to wait for high tide.

Passengers were offered the chance to leave the ship and spend the day in Buenos Aires, although most chose to remain aboard. During the incident, a 50-year-old man suffered a heart problem and had to be treated ashore, but no other injuries were reported

Sky Wonder is the last major passenger ship built with steam engines. The aging vessel was built in March 1984 for Sitmar Cruises and was named Fairsky. Then when Sitmar was bought by Princess Cruises, she was renamed Sky Princess. Then, in 2000 she was transferred to P & O and became the Pacific Sky.

March 07, 2006, hundreds of passengers on a seven night cruise were left stranded for about 30 hours after the vessel broke down in the Malacca Strait near Singapore. About five hours after leaving Singapore the ship experienced problems with its starboard engine and came to a halt with more than 1300 passengers on board

In May 2006, the transfer from P&O Cruises Australia to Pullmantur Cruises in Spain was made, after a series of 33 7-day cruises based out of Singapore. The vessel will be replaced in the P&O Cruises fleet by the US-built Regal Princess in mid-2007.

January 08, 2005, a major air and sea search failed to find any trace of a 24-year-old man who jumped overboard off the Queensland Sunshine Coast. The man jumped despite passengers attempts to persuade him not to. Witnesses said he had been drinking heavily on the last night of a 10-night cruise as the ship headed for Brisbane. Police later boarded the ship on its arrival in Brisbane to interview passengers and crew.

In January 2005, Pacific Sky was due to begin a scheduled cruise off the Queensland coast, but could not sail after a swarm of jellyfish blocked a cooling water intake. The engines had automatically shut down, leaving the vessel stuck fast at its Brisbane River berth.

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