Cruise Ship Sinking

Cruise Ship Sinking
Majesty Grounding May 28, 2016

Boston Harbor Cruises Majesty Cruise Ship Grounding in Four Feet of Water of Boston Massachusetts Harbor

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Cruise Ship Sinking
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Majesty Grounding May 28, 2016

Boston Harbor Cruises Majesty Cruise Ship Grounding in Four Feet of Water of Boston Massachusetts Harbor

Cruise Ship Sinking The USCG said the 113-foot cruise ship Majesty ran aground in about four feet of water with the tide going out, near Georges Island at about 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 28, 2016 during a three hour wedding cruise.

All 137 passengers were unharmed and transferred to the cruise ship Asteria to Long Wharf. There were 15 crew members aboard, five remained on the cruise ship.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Andrew Barresi said that five boats operated by the Coast Guard, state police, state environmental police and the Massachusetts Port Authority helped transfer the passengers.

Alison Nolan general manager of Boston Harbor Cruises says the captain has been given drug and alcohol test and has been suspended. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is investigating and the company will conduct its own investigation.

Majesty Grounding May 28, 2016 Majesty was being used for a wedding reception for Jaime Stern, 36, of Boston marriage to Fernanda Stern, 34, aboard the ship. Their guests were just finishing dinner when the cruise ship grounded. The couple is now heading to Brazil for honeymoon after the seven hour rescue operation.

According to the Boston Harbor Cruises website Founder Matthew “Matty” Hughes started Boston Harbor Cruises (BHC) in 1926, now the nation’s largest private operator of passenger vessels, Boston Harbor Cruises (BHC).

In the 1980s they contracted with Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority to provide water transportation services between downtown Boston and Charlestown, a heavily traveled commuter route, transporting more than 200,000 additional passengers each year.

Since then, the MBTA has awarded 4 additional commuter ferry contracts to the company, the largest carrying 4,000 passengers per day.

The company continues to grow with Rick, Chris and Matty’s great-granddaughter Alison Nolan as its managing partners and Chris’ son Patrick as a Partner. They’ve parlayed their nearly 100 years of maritime operations and management into building a fleet that has operated successfully in Massachusetts Bay, New York, Rhode Island, The US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The company now employs over 200 full-time with the seasonal workforce topping 500. BHC’s 44 vessels make 329 scheduled weekday departures during the summer season carrying over 2 million passengers each year."

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