Cruise Ship Sinking

Cruise Ship Sinking
Louis Cristal Collision June 27, 2015

Louis Cristal With 853 Passengers Collides With Sti Pimlico Tanker Off Gallipoli Crossing Turkey'S Dardanelles Strait

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Louis Cristal Collision June 27, 2015

Louis Cristal With 853 passengers Collides With STI Pimlico Tanker off Gallipoli Crossing Turkey's Dardanelles Strait

STI Pimlico suffers Ballast Explosion and Lists after Cruise liner Louis Cristal Crashes into it off Gallipoli
Celestyal Cruises Louis Cristal cruise ship with 853 passengers has collided with a tanker off Gallipoli while crossing Turkey's Dardanelles Strait.

"Louis Cristal," a 162-meter-long cruise ship registered in Malta, was traveling from Greece to Istanbul when it collided early June 27 with "STI Pimlico," a 182-meter-long tanker registered in Marshall Islands, which had left Russia for Malta, Doğan News Agency reported.

The two ships collided off the Feneraltı district of Gallipoli. There were no casualties, according to Turkish media reports, and 853 passengers in the cruise ship were promptly evacuated. Although there was no immediate risk of sinking, "STİ Pimlico" leaned 15 degrees due to an explosion at its ballast tank, Turkish authorities said.

The Dardenelles was briefly closed to sea traffic on June 27 as Turkish officials took measures against possible oil leak.

Louis Cristal is owned by the Greek Cyprus-based cruise line Celestyal Cruises.

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