El Almirante Ferry Sinks Bogota Colombia

El Almirante Ferry Sinks Bogota Colombia – Ferry Sinks With over 150 Passengers Aboard Dozens Missing. The ferry El Almirante (The Admiral) sunk on  Sunday, June 25, 2017 at Peňol-Guatapé reservoir near Bogota, Colombia. There were an estimated 170 passengers aboard the four deck cruise ship when it sunk in less than four minutes.

Six passengers have died and 31 passengers are missing.

Residents of Guatapé said the same boat had sunk about three months ago when it was tied at the dock. Apparently, They fixed it and it kept working normally.

Survivors have reported that none of the passengers on board were wearing life jackets. Witnesses told the El Tiempo newspaper that the boat broke in two and that the captain told all the passengers to move to one side of the vessel.