Panagia Tinou Ferry Ventouris Sea Lines’ Severe Listing Piraeus Greece

Ventouris Sea Lines’ Panagia Tinou Ferry Severe Listing at the Port of Piraeus in Greece – On April 26, 2016, Ventouris Sea Lines’ Panagia Tinou ferry began taking on water through a damaged hull and the ferry began serious listing at the Port of Piraeus in Greece. The ship appears to have partially hit bottom and is stable at this time.

Hellenic Coast Guard ordered tug boats HECTOR, ATLAS, CHRISTOS X and TAXIARCHIS were put in place to save the ferry from sinking.

Hellenic Coast Guard is supervising the operation in order to prevent sinking. Water is being pumping from the ferry and lifting of the ship is to begin so it can be removed safely from the port. At the time of posting, there is no known oil spill into port water from the ferry

On December 17, 2015, the ferry was seized where it had been located since February 2015, docked ast St. Dionysius, after crew claimed they hadn’t been paid for eight months. This is the second time the ferry has been seized. After a preliminary investigation conducted by the First Department of Port Central Port Authority of Piraeus.

The Mariners’ Pension Fund – NAT made the forced seizure. The ferry will proceed to be auctioned in order to collect dues, putting together all the prescribed statutory rights.

If the ferry sinks, there may be no value in the ship to warrant an auction and crew pay may never recovered.