Stena Jutlandica Collision With Tanker Ternvind Gothensburg Sweden

Stena Line Ferry Stena Jutlandica Collision With Tanker Ternvind in Gothensburg Sweden – On Sunday July 19, 2015, Stena LIne’s ferry Stena Jutlandica which sails between sailing between Frederikshavn, Denmark and Gothenburg, Sweden was hit by the tanker Ternvind, as they were entering the harbor at Gothenburg, Sweden around 0230 in the morning.

Stena Jutlandica had about 530 passengers aboard when she collided with a Danish-flagged tanker Ternvind which had a crew of 13 aboard near Gothenburg. Reports state that no Tanker Ternvind crew were injured during the collision and no passengers from Stena Jutlandica were injured as well.

Stena Jutlandica received a puncture in her hull from collision with sea water entering through the ferry’s hull .

Stena Jutlandica sailed onto the cruise ship Port of Gothenburg without assistance, where she is currently docked.

Tanker Ternvind which was loaded with 12 000 tons of diesel and petrol is also reported to be docked at Gothenburg, Sweden. Tanker Ternvind is being monitored closely, but as of this update, the Swedish Coast Guard reports neither vessel is leaking fuel into the harbor. The the Swedish Board of Transportation will be investigating the collision.

Various news reports are quoting Niclas Mårtensson, deputy CEO of Stena Line as stating, ” It was the tanker that hit us, not the other way around,.”

Also, you can track Stena Jutlandica live.