Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship Grounding Bermuda

Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship Grounding Bermuda – On May 19, 2015, Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ship Norwegian Dawn grounded (see video below) while the cruise ship was in Bermuda when the cruise ship lost power and drifted into shallow water. Norwegian Dawn had with 2,675 passengers and 1,062 crew members aboard when she left the Port Of Boston for the cruise to Bermuda, where the cruise ship grounded with 3,737 people aboard.

As you can see in the Live Cruise Ship Tracker screen shot above, Norwegian Dawn had arrived at Bermuda and was leaving King’s Wharf at the time of the grounding. The Wednesday morning updated image above shows Norwegian Dawn having been freed with the rising tide, now back in port.

Norwegian Dawn was able to get free with the rising tide and make it back into port. The cruise ship is awaiting inspection to check for damages before sailing back to Boston.

The United States Coast Guard is monitoring the situation and assistance is on the way. This case is unfolding, please check back.

Norwegian Dawn will be assisted by other ships in the area as needed.

You can follow the progress of Norwegian Dawn on our Live Cruise Ship Tracker page for Norwegian Dawn.

Video: Norwegian Dawn run aground 2