Millennium Time City Cruises Cruise Ferry Crashes Into Tug Towing Barge

Blackfriars Bridge London England
Blackfriars Bridge London England

City Cruises Millennium Time Cruise Ferry Crashes Into Tug Towing Barge – The river cruise ferry owned by City Cruises, named Millennium Time, badly damaged the bow of the ship in the collision on July 17, 2014 around 2:25 pm.

At least seven of the tourists were injured and one was hospitalized. Passengers spoke of their terror as they realized cruise liner staff could not avoid a collision with the oncoming barge.

Millennium Time river cruise ferry tour packed with over 360 tourists crashed into a tug boat pulling a barge between Blackfriars Bridge and Waterloo.  Blackfriars Bridge is a road and foot traffic bridge over the River Thames in London, between Waterloo Bridge and Blackfriars Railway Bridge, carrying the A201 road.

One Official said, “Luckily no one ended up in the water. On another day, it could have been a lot worse considering the extensive damage to the bow of the ship.”

Passengers were rescued off the stricken ship by another City Cruises boat and ferried to the southern bank. A member of the tour crew said: “Passengers were guided off the boat promptly by City Cruises, who continue to do everything they can to support the authorities and those involved.”

The Marine Investigation Bureau, part of the Port of London Authority, is investigating the collision.