Seastreak Ferry Crashes Into Manhattan’s Wall Street Pier 11

Manhattan's Wall Street Pier 11
Manhattan’s Wall Street Pier 11

Seastreak Ferry Crashes Into Manhattan’s Wall Street Pier 11 (see video below) – On January 9, 2013, the New York ferry Seastreak crashed into the Wall Street Pier 11 while docking. Reports say the ferry appeared to be coming into the slip fast, at approximately 13 miles per hour around 8:43 am when the captain, Jason Reimer appeared to lose control of the commuter ferry.

Aboard the ferry when it collided with the pier were 320 passengers, five crew and the captain. There were 74 people reported to be injured, some seriously.

Seastreak, a highs speed, 140-foot-long ferry, built by Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, Somerset, Massachusetts, has been serving New York since May 4, 2001.

On the Seastreak website, James Barker, President says in part:
“Since we purchased the Company in the spring of 2008, we have implemented numerous changes to the vessels and the service, many of which relate to safety. Those of you that have used our service for several years have witnessed the commitment that the Company has to continuing improvement of all aspects of our operation, including safety. While Wednesday’s accident remains under investigation, you can rest assured that we will learn from the accident and the investigation, and if it is determined that changes to our operation are appropriate to make our service safer for our riders, we will promptly institute those changes.

Your trust is of the utmost importance to us. You have my pledge that we at SeaStreak will all work hard to regain that trust, and we will do everything that we can to make sure that this never happens again.

If you were on the SeaStreak Wall Street at the time of the crash and you have not already been in touch with us or provided us with your contact information, we encourage you to contact us by calling us at 1-800-Boatride (1-800-262-8743) or you may also reach us by e-mail at”

Video: Ferry Crashes Into Pier in New York