Ride The Ducks Philadelphia Sightseeing Boat Collision With Barge

Ride The Ducks Collision Salvage
Ride The Ducks Collision Salvage

Philadelphia Sightseeing Boat Ride The Ducks Collision With Barge  –  At about 1439 hours on Wednesday July 7, 2010, The Duck (see video below) was in the Delaware River with a reported 35 passengers and two crew aboard near Penn’s Landing in the Old City area of Philadelphia. Ride The Ducks water tour boat collision in the Delaware River with a barge. The boat, Ride The Ducks, reportedly was rammed by a barge while the boat was full of passengers.

The passengers were toss into about ten-foot-deep water that was estimated to be about 82 degrees.

Emergency crew were on the scene pulling the survivors, at least six of them injured enough to be taken to hospital, from the Delaware River waters. Two passengers died in the incident Szabolcs Prem, 20 and Dora Schwendtner, 16.

The Duck Boat, DUKW 34, had gone into the water just after 1430 hours and suffered a mechanical problem caused a small fire shutting the boat down, reports say. It was struck about 10 minutes later by a barge, capsized and sank. The missing were a 16-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man.

The barge, The Resource, hauling sludge was owned by the city of Philadelphia and at the time was being directed by a tugboat, The Caribbean Sea, owned by K-Sea Transportation Partners of East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Crew aboard DUKW 34 indicated they tried repeatedly to contact The Caribbean Sea after they lost power, with the The Resource bearing down on them, but got no response from her crew. DUKW 34 was anchored in the river awaiting assistance.

Other vessels in the area of the collision have told investigators that they heard DUKW 34 trying to summon The Caribbean Sea and that the tugboat did not respond.

Ride The Ducks operates boat tours in San Francisco – California, Seattle – Washington, Atlanta – Georgia, Newport – Rhode Island and Branson – Missouri.

Passengers pay anywhere from $17.00 for children aged 3 to 12 up to $27.00 for adults for the tour that originates near North 6th Street and Market Street.

A duck boat sank at Hot Springs, Arkansas on May 1, 1999, killing 13 of the 21 people aboard after its bilge pump failed. The National Transportation Safety Board blamed inadequate maintenance and recommended that duck boats have backup flotation devices.

In June 2002, four people were killed when The Lady Duck, sank in the Ottawa River near Canada’s Parliament.

Video: Duck Boat Hit by Barge Caught on Tape