MS Amsterdam Cruise Ship Loses Anchor Sitka Alaska

Port of Sitka Alaska Crescent Harbor Map
Port of Sitka Alaska Crescent Harbor Map

Cruise Ship MS Amsterdam Loses Anchor Sitka Alaska – Holland America Line MS Amsterdam Loses Anchor in Port of Sitka, Alaska Just Beyond Crescent Harbor. On May 20, 2010, Holland America Line’s, MS Amsterdam had an incident in the port of Sitka, Alaska that resulted in the ship losing the anchor just beyond Crescent Harbor in water that was 200-feet-deep.

Amsterdam lost her anchor on the fourth day of a fourteen-day Alaskan cruise that began in Seattle, Washington on May 17.

The anchor and chain rapidly reeled off the ship when the braking system failed, thereby being unable to control the chain and anchor.

Each link in the chain is about twenty inches long and weighs about 180 pounds. The entire anchor and chain weigh an estimated 120,000 pounds and are valued at several hundred thousand dollars,

Holland America Line had two choices, to recover the anchor and chain or leave it in the harbor. The cost of recovering the anchor was estimated at around $100,000 and leaving the anchor at the edge of the harbor posed a safety threat to other ships coming in and out of the harbor.

MS Amsterdam didn’t miss a beat, continuing to sail on seven more voyages without the anchor, while Holland America Line decided what to do about the sunken equipment.

When the ship arrived back in Sitka on July 29, the anchor had been recovered and was taken to the Amsterdam on the deck of a barge, then transferred on to the deck of the cruise ship. The ship then left right on schedule that evening at 1700 hours.

Bill Sharp, the Vice President of Port Operations for Holland America says that repairs to the anchor braking system were made shortly after the anchor was lost.