Louis Majesty Three Waves Damaged Two Passengers Killed

Three Waves Damaged Louis Majesty
Three Waves Damaged Louis Majesty

Three Waves Damaged Louis Majesty Two Passengers Killed March 3, 2010 –  Numerous reports are saying the triple battering ram waves (see video below) that hit Louis Majesty were rogue waves or a tsunami. Actually, it was just a series of huge waves generated by rough seas brought on by high winds.

Louis Majesty with 1,350 passengers and 580 crew members aboard was slammed by three waves, that measured more or less thirty feet high, while the cruise ship was about 24 miles off Cabo de San Sebastian.

The cruise ship was sailing from Barcelona, Spain to Genoa in Italy near the French port of Marseilles.

Videos around the web show the ship being a hit by a wave, then water rushing into with a depth of about a foot. The waves smashed five windows on deck five in public areas. Broken glass and falling debris caused injuries consisting of lacerations, broken arms and broken legs. Two passengers died aboard the ship before they could receive treatment at a local hospital.

The names of the victims are not known at this time, but reports say the victims were a German man, 69, from North Rhine Westphalia, and an Italian man, 52.

The Majesty docked at Barcelona, Spain for repairs and cruises have been canceled. Leonidas Panopoulos captain of Louis Majesty is from Kalamata, Greece. As master of the ship, Panopoulos is being blamed for not seeking safe harbor for this ship or slowing down the speed the ship was sailing at, given severe weather was forecast for the region. An investigation into the incident has begun until the planned March 14 voyage.

Video:Caught On Tape: Wave Crashes Into Cruise Ship