MV Saurav Ferry Collides With Cargo Vessel Buriganga River

MV Saurav Ferry Collides With Cargo Vessel Buriganga River  – On February 28, 2008, MV Saurav ferry sank after hitting a cargo vessel on the Buriganga River. There were over 100 passengers aboard, some say as many as 150 passengers, when the two vessels collided.

At this time, 39 are confirmed dead with another 20 still missing.

Some bodies were pulled from the hull of this ship, raising the death toll to 39 after the ship was pulled into shallow water from the original collision site where it sunk in 45 feet of water.

Most of the 39 dead were women and children who were traveling on the lower deck of the boat. Many of the men were able to swim to shore to save themselves.

The cargo vessel involved in the accident was largely undamaged, but it is unknown if there were any injuries aboard it.

The ferry had been traveling from Dhaka to the nearby town of Taltala.

A salvage ship and divers are on the scene.

Each victim’s family will be compensated 20,000 taka or about $86US, officials said.

Earners in Bangladesh are paid about $100 US per month, so the compensation is less than a month’s earnings. The textile worker’s minimum wage is $25 per month.

This could be due to most of the victims being women and children, who have little value in India.