PO Cruises Pacific Star Battered Cyclone Funa Australia Vanuatu

P&O Cruises Pacific Star Battered By Cyclone Funa Australia – On January 20, 2008,  P&O Cruises Pacific Star met with Cyclone Funa (see video below) as it was churning the seas, between Australia and Vanuatu, resulting in damage to the ship and terrified passengers. Cyclue Funa formed from an area of disturbed weather within the monsoon trough northeast of Vanuatu on January 16, 2008.

Passengers reported some cabins were flooding, seated passengers were tossed from their chairs, appliance were flying about, the kitchen tableware was smashed, bar ware was smashed and passengers were bruised and battered.

The ship was caught in the worst of the storm on Sunday January 20th, arriving a day late to port.

Passengers were wearing their life jackets, and screaming in a panic during the storm. P&O Cruises public affairs manager Anthony Fisk said five passengers reported injuries which included suspected sprains, bruises and a rib injury caused when someone fell out of bed.

Video:Pacific Star vs. Funa