MS Fram Hurtigruten Christmas Cruise Iceberg Collision Antarctic

MS Fram Hurtigruten Cruises Christmas Cruise Iceberg Collision Antarctic – MS Fram cruise ship was damaged (see video below) in Antarctic accident with about 300 passengers aboard. The Hurtigruten Cruises ship MS Fram left on Christmas Day, December 25 from Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina, during which they collided with an iceberg on Friday, December 28, 2007.

Passengers reported that the ship suddenly lost power late on Friday night, the ship plunging into darkness. The crew hustled the passengers to the public rooms at that time. Some had been watching the seas as the ship drifted aimlessly.

It was at that time passengers saw the ship moving towards a huge wall of ice, then slam right into it.  The iceberg ripped open the ship, smashed a lifeboat, rending it useless.

Initial reports say the captain regained control of the vessel after almost an hour adrift. He contacted the head office and requested orders.

Passengers having visions of the sinking of the MV Explorer only last month near this same spot, and of the famed Titantic sinking after hitting an iceberg in the northern hemisphere began to think it was time for them to join the party at Davy Jones’ locker.

So, of course, when you are looking at a quick freezing death, you would want to be drunk. Captain Steinar Hansen told the passengers all drinks were free, a standard response to ship-wide problems created by cruise lines and their captains taking risks that result in potential massive loss of life or passenger injuries.

The Fram anchored before midday near Chile’s Eduardo Frei base in an ice-free area west of King George Island. The ship was go head to King George Island for an inspection.

Notr from passenger: “This is not an iceberg, it is the seaward wall of a floating glacier. It was the maiden season for the ship in Antarctica, not the maiden voyage. She sustained slight damage and the starboard side life boat was destroyed. The ship resumed power after seven minutes and safely maneuvered away. She returned to Ushuaia, Argentina, under her own power where the mechanical problem was solved.”

The MS Nordkapp also grounded in the area on January 29, 2007, making this the third ship damaging incident off the tip of Antarctica, this year.

Video:Ship vs. Glacier