Island Star Storm Ravaged Seas Passengers Abandon Ship

Island Star Storm Ravaged Seas Passengers Abandon Ship – On September 27, 2007, Island Star captain orders 1,473 passengers to abandon ship. With a heavy population of aging passengers aboard, the captain of the Island Star, which is owned by Island Cruise, was being tossed in heavy storm ravaged seas, made a decision for everyone to abandon ship when the power went out and control of the vessel was lost. He explained over the ship’s Tannoy system that he was not prepared to risk their or his crew’s safety.

Passengers were lowered into lifeboats during heavy seas of a tropical storm, fearing for their lives and the captain had crew lower passengers and their luggage into the lifeboats.

The captain attempted to get the power back up, but it failed again, plunging the ship into darkness as the engines came to halt.

Everyone was soaked to the skin during the evacuation and some passengers were injured. Others say they became sick after the evacuation in the rain and wind.

One passenger said the ship had first experienced engine and power problems as it left Genoa, one of the stops on Island Cruises’ Mediterranean Explorer Cruise. Passengers realized something was wrong when the power failed and all the lights went out.

A meeting in the ship’s theater was held after the captain announced an evacuation. The cruise line initially offered a 60% refund to all passengers, but the captain said Island Cruises had agreed to issue a full refund.