Dream Princess Cruise Ship Listing Grounding Rhodes Greece

Dream Princess Cruise Ship Listing Grounding Rhodes Greece – On September 18, 2007, four officers have been detained by Greek authorities after the cruise ship Dream Princess ran aground, after the crew made a huge mistake sending the vessel into a 10 degree list. The cruise ship was carrying 930 Israeli tourists on a Mediterranean cruise.

Dream Princess, operated by Caspi Shipping of Israel was evacuated according to Israeli television. The Dream Princess sails under the flag of the Bahamas.

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and one of the Greece‚s biggest attractions.

Dream Princess was suppose to continue the Mediterranean cruise traveling to Cyprus before returning to Israel.

A prosecutor on the Dodecanese island of Rhodes, Greece yesterday charged four officers who were responsible at the time of the incident.

All four suspects are Greek nationals, along with a representative of the company that owns the ship. They are being held at the Rhodes Port Authority while divers investigate the cause of the ship’s problems.

At the root of the investigation is whether the ship’s crew made inappropriate repairs to the vessel at sea, intentionally endangering the vessel’s safety when they moved ballast from one tank to another. The ship then began to list, and the crew are accused of deliberately grounding the vessel to prevent further listing and an ultimate sinking.

An investigation into the incidents has discovered that the waste tanks in the vessel overflowed, tipping the vessel onto her side.

Divers investigating the incident discovered that hatchways in the hull designed for discharging untreated waste into the ocean, had been crudely plugged with chunks of wood, to prevent the discharge. That kept the waste onboard. Failure to pump the waste in a timely manner, resulted in the listing of the vessel.

3,000 tons of waste had to be removed from the vessel, a task that took the better part of a week.

Throughout all of this local authorities say the vessel owners, Piraeus-based Danielle Ship Management Ltd., have not appeard in Greece to take responsibility for the incident and crew members onboard have not been paid since the September 18 incident.

About 300 crew members, mostly from Pakistan, Romania and the Philippines sent a small group to the town asking for charity for food and water for the stranded crew members left to fend for themselves without supplies.

The captain of the ship has remained onboard under arrest and guarded by local police.

This is the third incident in the region in the past few months. The Cyprus owned Salamis Glory slammed into an Israeli freighter killing several crew members onboard the freighter in the port of Haifa, Israel last month.

The Cyprus owned cruise ship Sea Diamond sank off of Santorini, Greece on April 5, 2007, killing two passengers.