MS Lyubov Orlova Cruise Ship Grounding Deception Island Antarctica

MS Lyubov Orlova Cruise Ship Grounding Antarctica mapMS Lyubov Orlova Cruise Ship Grounding Deception Island Antarctica – On November 27, 2006, Lubov Orlova Shipping Co Ltd cruise ship MS Lyubov Orlova, grounded in Antarctica 150 passengers rescued by a Spanish Navy Icebreaker on duty in Antarctica.

The 4,500-ton Lyubov Orlova was visiting Deception Island in the south Shetlands when it run aground in Whalers’ Bay. The captain immediately radioed for help and the distress call was picked up by Las Palmas anchored next to the Spanish Army base “Gabriel de Castilla”.

Las Palmas sailed to the spot and, after making an assessment of the situation, waited for the high tide and begun towing activities that were successfully concluded eight hours later.

Lyubov Orlova returned under its own steam to Ushuaia and passengers were flown back to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Spanish Oceanographic Research vessel has been involved in similar rescue operations: in 1989 she helped Argentine icebreaker Bahía Paraíso which was grounded in Arthur Bay in Antarctica.

Lyubov Orlova is also the name of a famous Soviet actress who died in Moscow, Russia, January 26, 1975. The Lyubov Orlova was built in former Yugoslavia in 1976 and further upgraded in 2002. The vessel is a ice-strengthened and has passive stabilizers for smooth sailing.

February 23, 2013 Lyubov Orlova was reportedly spotted 1,300 nautical miles off Ireland.

Adrift Rat Infested Cruise Ship Reported Near United Kindgom

In January 2014, there were rumors the cruise ship was adrift at sea, labeled a ghost ship, said to be infested with cannibal rats. There was reported sighting of the Lyubov Orlova nearing the coast of England.