Spirit Of Tasmania Damaged Wave Damage Bass Strait Australia

Spirit Of Tasmania Damaged Wave Damage Bass Strait Australia mapSpirit Of Tasmania Damaged Wave Damage Bass Strait Australia – On the night of February 3, 2005 the 194-meter-long ship Spirit Of Tasmania I, with 623 passengers aboard, was hit by high seas in the Bass Strait while sailing from Melbourne, Australia to Devonport, Tasmania, damaging the starboard bow and some cabins aboard.

Around 0200 hours on the morning of February 4, 2005, the damage to the ship was said to be from 65 foot seas, which broke cabin portholes and flooded cabins. Damage was reported as high as deck 7.

A lot of passengers became sick due to the rough seas and some awoke to water on the deck on the cabins, thinking the ship was sinking with water up to their knees.

Spirit Of Tasmania 1 operators, the TT Line, said that the ship slowed down due to the weather but had to return to Melbourne after sustaining damage to its front portholes.

The captain had told passengers before they embarked to expect seas of about six to eight metres with 10 metre swells. The 20 metre waves were not expected by passengers.

Passengers were offered refunds or transfers.

The storm caused much damage to local beaches, parks and piers with Middle Park beach almost completely washed away. The State Emergency Service received more than 2,500 calls for help overnight as heavy rain and winds flooded houses and brought down trees.The storm lasted more than 24 hours, disrupting travel, business, schools and holidays, with wide-spread power outages, multiple injuries and deaths in southeast Australia, including Sydney and Melbourne.

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