Grigory Mikheev Cruise Ship Wave Damage Cape Horn Chile

Grigory Mikheev Cruise Ship Wave Damage Cape Horn ChileGrigory Mikheev Cruise Ship Wave Damage Cape Horn Chile –  On March 11, 2003, a passenger disappeared from Oceanwide Expeditions’ Grigory Mikheev near Cape Horn on March 11, 2003. The ship was returning from a voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula.

The ship encountered a “strong storm” with winds up to 70 knots as its crossed the Drake Passage en route to Ushuaia, Argentina The vessel pitched and rolled quite heavily as it headed north.

As the vessel approached the Horn for sightseeing purposes, at around 1400 on 11 March, it was not rolling very much. Water was not washing over the decks.

During the course, changes were made as they approached the Horn, but at that time the ship was stable.

At this time some passengers went up to the “bridge deck and some went outside. None went out on the main deck or the bow.

At 1523 the Captain was advised of “something suspicious in the water behind the ship”, but by the time he reached the bridge the object was out of site.

Orders were immediately given for a count to be undertaken of all passengers, staff and crew, and it was quickly established that a male passenger was missing. The ship had already turned around and the man overboard alarm was then sounded with a search operation of the sea and through all areas of the ship.

The Chilean Coast Guard was notified and joined in the search operation at 0900 on 12 March and the two vessels continued search operations until 1800 that day, when the ship was released and headed for Ushuaia.