Island Princess Cruise Ship Collision Regent Sea Skagway Bay Alaska

Island Princess Cruise Ship Collision Regent Sea Skagway Bay Alaska mapIsland Princess Cruise Ship Collision Regent Sea Skagway Bay Alaska – On Monday, May 28, 1990 , around 0700 hours two cruise ships collided at Skagway Bay, about one half mile from Skagway, Alaska.

The Princess Cruises’ Island Princess and the Regency Cruises’ Regent Sea collided during high winds causing damage to both cruise ships. Regent Sea was accompanied by a tug boat at the time of the accident.

Island Princess suffered a 50-foot gash in her hull, about thirty feet above the water line which exposed eleven staterooms, damaged railings and a lounge area.

Three of the 600 cruise ship passengers aboard Island Princess were injured. The injuries were said to be the result of breaking glass.

Also on May 28, 1990 near Dunbar Station in Alaska, which is south of North Pole Alaska, or about 33 miles southwest of Fairbanks, an Alaska railroad train of 70 cars derailed with 19 tank cars leaving the tracks with seven tank cars rupturing. An estimated 170,000 gallons of diesel and jet fuel spill. Within three weeks, the railroad has the majority of the spill cleaned up. Total bill for the cleanup operation reached $6 million.

Wednesday, June 27, 1990 around 1500 hours, 40 cruise-ship passengers of 170 passengers riding White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad,to the 2,800-foot summit of White Pass above Skagway, were injured when a locomotive crashed into a stationary line of passenger rail cars.

The locomotive of Train No. 6 was being switched from the front to the back in preparation for the 20-mile return trip to Skagway, when the engine apparently failed to slow down for recoupling and smashed into the line of cars it had been pulling.

Tuesday, August 21, 1990 two crew members from Regency Cruises’ cruise ship Regent Sun were injured in a freak accident during a dockside safety drill in Skagway, Alaska.

Regent Sun was on a seven-day Alaska Inside Passage cruise from Vancouver British Columbia, Canada to the Alaskan ports of Anchorage (Whittier) and Skagway at the time of the incident.

A cable holding a lifeboat broke during the safety drill, dumping 13 crew members into the frigid Skagway sea. The men who died were trapped under the lifeboat when it landed on top of them.

Most crew members were rescued immediately. However, two who were rescued couldn’t be revived. The two, a crew member from Honduras, 24, and a crew member from Greece, 59, both died.

Another crew member, Juan Matute, 23, was hospitalized with a head injury.

All crew members were wearing life jackets.