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Cruise Ship Sinking
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Cruise Ship Sinking
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Cruise Ship Sinking, Cruise Ship Grounding, Listing, Tilting, Accidents, Damages At Sea ending in Sinkings

  • Al-Dana, Sinks, Manama, 30-Mar-2006
  • Almirante Monteiro, Sinks, Almirante Monteiro Ferry, 21-Feb-2008
  • Al-Salaam Boccaccio, Sinks, El Salam Maritime Transport, 2-Feb-2006
  • Asial Ferry, Sinks, Asia-South Korea, 23-Dec-1999 - 42 Dead Ferry Asia-South Korea sinks off the coast of Cebu Island
  • Aung Tagun-3, Sinks, Myanmar Ferry, 13-Mar-2015
  • Bangladesh Ferry, Sinks, Meghna River Ferry, 3-May-2002
  • Bounty, Sinks, HMS Bounty Organization LLC, 29-Oct-2012
  • Britannia, Sinks, White Star Line, 21-Jun-2014
  • Costa Concordia, Sinks, Costa Cruises, 13-Jan-2012
  • DUKW 34, Collision, Ride The Ducks, 7-Jul-2010
  • Eastern Star, Sinking, Chongqing Eastern Shipping Corp., 1-Jun-2015
  • Fantome, Sinks, Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, 27-Oct-1998 - Fantome Sinks 31 Dead Windjammer Barefoot Cruises' Fantome sinks during Hurricane Mitch off Honduras. Life rafts and jackets found floating.
  • Gurita, Sinks, Gurita Ferry, 19-Jan-1996
  • Harta Rimba, Sinks, Harta Rimba Cargo, 6-Feb-1999
  • Indonesia Ferry, Sinks, Papua Ferry, 7-Jul-2005
  • Indonesia Refugees, Sinks, Indonesia to Australia, 19-Oct-2001
  • MV Bukoba, Sinks, TRC Marine Division, 21-May-1996
  • MV Bulgaria, Sank, OOO Argorechtur, 10-Jul-2011
  • MV Commander 6, Sinking, Offshore Supply Ship, 24-May-2009 - MV Commander 6 carrying people from Batangas to island of Mindoro was hit by large waves which cracked its hull.
  • MV Explorer, Sinks, G.A.P. Shipping, 22-Nov-2007
  • MV Kearsarg, Sinks, Sunapee Cruises, 10-Jan-2013
  • MV Le Joola, Capsizes, Republique Senegal, 25-Sep-2002
  • M.V. Miraj-4, Sinks, Bangladesh Ferry, 16-May-2014
  • MV Moby Dick, Sinks, Moby Dick, 10-Jun-1998 - MV Moby Dick sinks in high seas 4 Dead 1 Injured
  • MV Pinak, Sinks, Bangladesh Ferry, 4-Aug-2014
  • MV Princess of the Orient, Sinks, Sulpicio Lines, 18-Sep-1998
  • MV Queen Of The North, Sinks, Stena Line, 22-Mar-2006 - with 101 persons aboard she failed to make a planned course change ran aground and sank. Two passengers whose bodies were never found were lost in the tragedy.
  • MV Rabaul Queen, Sinks, Star Ships, 2-Feb-2012
  • M/V Saurav, Sinks, BIWTA, 28-Feb-2008
  • MV Senopati Nusantara, Sinks, Senopati Nusantara Ferry, 29-Dec-2006
  • MV Versace Amara, Sinks, MV Versace, 4-Aug-2014
  • Rafelia II, Sinks, Bernama, 4-Mar-2016
  • Sea Diamond, Sinks, Louis Hellenic Cruise Lines, 5-Apr-2007
  • Sewol Ferry, Sinks, Chonghaejin Marine, 15-Apr-2014
  • Sleipner, Sinks, Sleipner Ferry, 26-Nov-1999 - 16 Dead Ferry Sleipner grounds then sinks off Norway in rough seas.
  • Spirit of '98, Sinks, Cruise West, 27-Jul-1998 - Spirit of '98 grounds in Alaskan Tracy Arm.
  • Spirit Of The Rivers, Sinking, Lake Brazos Steakhouse, 19-May-2008
  • SS Dix, Sinks, Seattle and Alki Point Trans. Co., 18-Nov-2006
  • SS Seabreeze, Sinks, Premier Cruises, 17-Dec-2000 - SS SeaBreeze sunk 200 miles east of Cape Charles Virginia. No passengers aboard at the time 34 crew rescued.
  • Steam Ship City of Chester, Sinking, Oregon Railroad Co., 22-Aug-1888
  • Sun Vista, Sinks, Sun Cruises, 20-May-1999 - Sun Vista catches fire and sinks 10 are Injured
  • Thao Van 2, Sinks, Nguyen Ngoc Quan Management, 5-Jun-2016

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