Cruise Ship Sinking

Cruise Ship Sinking
Cruise Ship Grounding, Listing, Tilting, Accidents

Cruise Ships Damaged At Sea By Ship Grounding

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Cruise Ship Grounding

Cruise Ship Sinking
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Cruise Ship Grounding, Listing, Tilting, Accidents

Cruise Ships Damaged At Sea By Ship Grounding

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  • Carnival Celebration, Grounding, Carnival Cruise Lines, 15-Aug-2006
  • Clipper Adventurer, Grounding, Sea Adventurers, 27-Aug-2010
  • Disko II, Grounded, Albatros Travel, 27-Jun-2007
  • Empress Of The North, Grounding, American Queen Steamboat Co., 24-Mar-2006
  • Empress Of The North, Grounding, Majestic America Line, 14-May-2007
  • Escapade, Grounding, Tradewinds Casino, 16-Jul-2014
  • Georgis, Grounded, Hydraiki Corporate Cruise, 13-Mar-2008
  • Island Champion, Grounding, PC Northwest Charters, 15-Apr-2007
  • Lyubov Orlova, Grounding, Far Eastern Shipping Company, 27-Nov-2006
  • Majesty, Grounding, Boston Harbor Cruises, 28-May-2016
  • Mona Lisa, Grounded, Lord Nelson Seereisen, 4-May-2008
  • MS Amsterdam, Grounding, Holland America Line, 20-May-2010
  • MS Nordkapp, Grounding, Hurtigruten Cruises, 29-Jan-2007
  • M/V Abitibi, Grounding, Vancouver Cruises, 28-Oct-2007
  • MV Giorgis, Grounding, Epirotiki Line, 23-Nov-2007 - MV Giorgis grounded off Greece
  • MS Hamburg, Grounding, Hapag-Lloyd, 11-May-2015
  • MV Lycianda, Grounding, Blue Lagoon Cruises, 5-Dec-2007
  • MV Polar Star, Grounding, Polar Star Expeditions, 30-Jun-2010 - MV Polar Star cruise ship grounding off Hornsund Svalbard in the Arctic with 113 aboard.
  • MV Polar Star, Grounding, Polar Star Expeditions, 31-Jan-2011 - MV Polar Star cruise ship grounding in Detaille Antarctica outer hull breached with 115 aboard.
  • M/V Princess Of Star, Sinks, Sulpicio Lines, 21-Jun-2008
  • MV Ushuaia, Grounded, Antarpply Expeditions, 4-Dec-2008
  • MV Vacance, Runs Aground, Hongdo Cruise Co., 30-Sep-2014
  • Norwegian Crown, Grounded, Norwegian Cruise Line, 8-Jun-2006 - Norwegian Crown ran aground while en-route between st. Georges and Hamilton Bermuda
  • Norwegian Dawn, Grounding, Norwegian Cruise Line, 19-May-2015
  • Ocean Nova, Grounding, Quark Expeditions, 17-Feb-2009
  • Pacific Sky, Grounding, P&O Cruises, 4-Sep-2005 - Pacific Sky Engine failure results in P & O Pacific Sky cruise ship grounding on reef near Brisbane AU
  • Queen Elizabeth 2, Grounded, Cunard Line, 11-Nov-2008 - Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship grounded
  • Silver Lake, Runs Aground, North Carolina DOT, 14-Mar-2015 - Grounded 1 mile south of Ocracoke North Carolina when it drifted into shallow water and got stuck All passengers were evacuated by the USCG.
  • Sky Wonder, Grounded, Pullmantur Cruises, 26-Mar-2008
  • Sky Wonder, Grounding, Pullmantur Cruises, 17-Jan-2007
  • Spirit Of Columbia, Grounding, Cruise West, 19-Aug-2007
  • Spirit Of Glacier Bay, Grounding, Cruise West, 7-Jul-2008
  • Spirit Of Nantucket, Grounding, Cruise West, 8-Nov-2007
  • Star Pride, Grounding, Windstar Cruises, 22-Dec-2015
  • Statendam, Runs Aground, Holland America Line, 6-Dec-2006
  • Tahoe Queen, Grounding, Hornblower Cruises, 4-Aug-2014
  • Yorktown, Runs Aground, V Ships Leisure, 25-Aug-2012 - Yorktown a Great Lakes cruise ship ran aground in the Detroit River. No injuries to 120 passengers aboard no contamination $3000 fine. Pilot error.

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