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Cruise Ship Accidents - Cruise Ship Collisions
NEW   September 11, 2016 - Viking Freya collides with railroad bridge, two dead.

June 5, 2016 - Thao Van 2 sinks Han River Da Nang, Vietnam, 3 cruise ship passengers missing.

June 3, 2016  - Celebrity Infinity collision at Ketchikan, Alaska

May 28, 2016 - Boston Harbor Cruises Majesty grounding

April 26, 2016 Ventouris Sea Lines' Panagia Tinou ferry severe listing

March 31, 2016
Hornblower Cruises Adventure Hornblower Collision

March 4, 2016
Rafelia II sinks after leaving port with breached hull, five dead

December 22, 2015
Windstar Cruises Star Pride Grounding

December 3, 2015
Primula Seaways collision City of Rotterdam

August 1, 2015
Portland Spirit collision with boaters

July  19, 2015
Stena Jutlandica collides with tanker in Gothenburg, Sweden.

June 27, 2015
Louis Cristal Collides With Tanker STI Pimlico Lists after Ballast Explosion.

June 15, 2015
Saint Laurent collision on St Lawrence River Locks, 30 injured.

June 1, 2015 -
Eastern Star Cruise Ship Sinking in Yangtze River, Jianli China, tornado cause claimed. Over 400 dead.

May 19, 2015
Norwegian Cruise Lines Norwegian Dawn Grounding in Bermuda

May 11.2015 -
MV Hamburg grounding Sound of Mull Scotland

March 14, 2015
Silver Lake runs aground 1 mile south of Ocracoke, North Carolina when it drifted into shallow water and got stuck, All passengers were evacuated by the USCG.

March 13, 2015
Myanmar Ferry Aung Tagun-3 Sinks in rough seas, dozens missing, dozens dead.

February 21, 2015
MV Mostofa, a Bangladesh ferry collided with a cargo vessel and sank within minutes in the Padma river, over 70 dead

September 30, 2014
MV Vacance runs aground on reef with 109 aboard cruise ship, coast guard rescues all aboard

August 4, 2014
MV Versace Amara sinks after reef rips hull on 4-night cruise

August 4, 2014
Tahoe Queen grounding with over 300 aboard

August 4, 2014
MV Pinak sinks with over 200 aboard, more than 100 dead

July 17, 2014
Millennium Time Crashes into Tug pulling Barge with 360 Tourist onboard

July 16, 2014
Cruise ship Escapade grounding off the coast of Georgia

June 21, 2014
Cruise ship Britannia sinking in the Ijssel River near the  Netherlands city of Zutphen, 194 aboard evacuated.

May 16, 2014
M.V. Miraj-4 ferry sinks in Meghna river at Rasulpur in Munshiganj district, Bangladesh, over 50 dead

April 15, 2014
South Korea ferry SEWOL grounds, lists then sinks  approximately  20 km off Byungpoong, Jindo South Korea, 302 dead

January 12, 2013
Silverseas' Silver Explorer on an Antarctic Peninsula cruise was damaged by 18-foot wave, returns to port. Several crew members injured. Next cruise was canceled.

January 10, 2013
MV Kearsarge partially sunk at the Sunapee Harbor, New Hampshire pier

January 9, 2013
Manhattan New York City ferry Seastreak, crashes into NYC pier 11, over 70 injured

October 29, 2012
HMS Bounty Tall Sailing Ship Sinks
off North Carolina during Hurricane Sandy. USCG rescue video on case page

August 25, 2012
V Ships Leisure's Yorktown, a Great Lakes cruise ship,  ran aground in the Detroit River. No injuries to 120 passengers aboard, no contamination, $3000 fine. Pilot error.

March 16, 2012
Silverseas Cruises' Silver Shadow collides with a cargo ship

February 2, 2012
MV Rabaul Queen sunk in bad weather, 10 miles off Cape Fortification in the Vitiaz Strait, Papua New Guinea as many as 100 missing.

January 13, 2012
Costa Concordia sinks on Friday the 13th off the coast  of Italy.

July 26, 2011
As Carnival Fantasy passed by the Carnival Imagination which was already moored, the starboard aft corner tip of the # 9 deck on both vessels made contact causing minimal cosmetic damage to both vessels. Carnival Fantasy safety officer was at fault.

July 10, 2011
Russian cruise ship MV Bulgaria sinks in storm on Volga River, 122 dead.

January 31, 2011
MV Polar Star  cruise ship grounding in Detaille, Antarctica, outer hull breached with 115 aboard.

December 12, 2010
Brilliance Of The Seas cruise ship severe listings in storm off Egypt

December 7, 2010
Clelia II damaged by high seas on Antarctic cruise in the Drake Passage.

October 18, 2010
Costa Classica @Lowlands Longevity

August 27, 2010
Clipper Adventurer grounding near Kugluktuk in the Canadian arctic circle

August 18, 2010
Viking Kiro  cruise ship collision with barge on Volga River. Barge crew said to be drunk

July 7, 2010
DUKW 34 rammed, sunk by barge, 2 dead

June 30, 2010
MV Polar Star  cruise ship grounding off Hornsund Svalbard in the Arctic with 113 aboard.

May 20, 2010
HAL Amsterdam loses anchor

April 21, 2010
Carnival Ecstasy  cruise ship severe listing in Gulf Of Mexico dozens injured

March 3, 2010
Louis Majesty  cruise ship high seas damage

May 25, 2009
Vista Mar @ Prince Consort North Cardinal buoy off Cowes, Isle of Wight UK

May 24, 2009
MV Commander 6 Sinking

February 17, 2009
Ocean Nova grounding

January 20, 2009
Fred Olsen Balmoral  cruise ship Hit By 50 Ft Wave

December 4, 2008
M/V Ushuaia grounding

November 11, 2008
Queen Elizabeth 2  cruise ship grounded

July 30, 2008
P & O Pacific Sun  cruise ship high seas wave damage listing

July 28, 2008
Zenith And Aegean Pearl collision

July 7, 2008
Spirit Of Glacier Bay cruise ship grounding

June 21, 2008
M/V Princess Of Star sinks

June 6, 2008
MV Ptarmigan collision

June 04, 2008
Spirit Of Alaska off  Alaska

May 25, 2008
Norwegian Spirit Collision

May 19, 2008
Spirit Of The Rivers Sinks

May 14, 2008
Queen Victoria collision with dock

May 6, 2008
Aquamarine accident

May 04, 2008
Mona Lisa grounding off Latvia

March 26, 2008
Sky Wonder  grounding off Turkey

March 13, 2008
Georgis grounding off Greece

March 11, 2008
P & O Artemis Rogue Wave
February 28, 2008
M/V Saurav Sinks after collision

February 21, 2008
Almirante Monteiro sinks

January 20, 2008
Pacific Star cruise ship battered by Cyclone Funa

January 2, 2008
Radiance Of The Seas listing

December 28, 2007
MS Fram collision with iceberg

December 10, 2007
Norwegian Dream collision with freighter

December 5, 2007
MV Lycianda  grounding off Figi

November 23, 2007
MV Giorgis grounding off Greece

November 22, 2007
MV Explorer Hit Iceberg Then Sinks
November 8, 2007
Spirit Of Nantucket grounding

October 28, 2007
M/V Abitibi grounding Canada

October 25, 2007
Norwegian Star  cruise ship severe listing at sea

September 27, 2007
Island Star  cruise ship passengers and crew abandon ship in tropical storm

September 18, 2007
Dream Princess  cruise ship severe listing

August 31, 2007
Cruise ship sinks freighter in Haifa Bay

August 25, 2007
Californian strikes barrier near U.S.S. Ronald Reagan

August 19, 2007
Spirit Of Columbia cruise ship grounding Alaska

August 8, 2007
Aleksey Maryshew glacier falling ice

August 7, 2007
Thomson Spirit collides with Ocean Majesty

August 2, 2007
Carnival Victory collision with dock

July 10, 2007
Pacific Star  cruise ship cruises in to severe storm, gets battered.

June 27, 2007
Disko II grounded  Greenland

June 25, 2007
Spirit Of Yorktown collides with fishing vessel Adirondack

May 14, 2007
Empress Of The North grounding

April 15, 2007
Island Champion  cruise ship grounding

April 5, 2007
Sea Diamond grounding, sinks.

February 10, 2007
Carnival Fantasy collision with barge

February 1, 2007
Prinsendam  cruise ship slammed by rogue wave

January 29, 2007
MS Nordkapp  grounding

January 17, 2007
Sky Wonder grounding on sand bar off Argentina

December 29, 2006
Senopati Nusantra sinks

December 6, 2006
Statendam  cruise ship near grounding with damage to ship

August 2, 2005
Stabilizer malfunction causes sudden listing of the coast of Florida to RCCL Explorer Of The Seas, results in damage to vessel and injuries to passengers.

July 7, 2005 - 200+ Dead
Overloaded ferry sinks off Indonesia's Papua province

July 5, 2005
Collision with dock in Juneau, Alaska results in passenger injuries and damage to Norwegian Spirit

May 11, 2005
Collision with 3 yachts in Bermuda results in damage to Norwegian Majesty

April 20, 2005
Collision with pier caused by high wind in Costa Maya, Mexico results in 42 foot gash in RCCL Grandeur Of The Seas  cruise ship

April 16, 2005
70 foot wave hits  cruise ship due to storm off the coast of South Carolina results in passenger injuries and damage to  Norwegian Dawn. A federal judge denied class-action status in a $100 million negligence lawsuit filed by passengers on the cruise.

February 14, 2005 - 20 Injured
Gale force 11 winds during high seas causes listing, damage to the bridge and passenger injuries aboard Iberojet Grand Voyager

February 3, 2005
Spirit Of Tasmania I damaged by 65-foot-high waves in Bass Strait, near Melbourne, Australia

January 27, 2005
50 foot wave off the Aleutian Islands results in power lost in 3 of 4 engines and damage to the bridge of Semester At Sea, M/V Explorer.

Nov. 25, 2003 - 182+ Dead
Ferry collision on Congo's Mai-Indombe lake

March 11, 2003
Grigory Mikheev high seas

Sept. 25, 2002 - 1000 Dead
Senegalese ferry capsizes in a storm off Gambia in West Africa

May 3, 2002 - 300+ Dead
Triple-decked ferry sinks in the Meghna River in Bangladesh.

October 19, 2001 - 374 Dead
Asylum-seekers from Afghanistan and Iraq on a refugee boat sinks en route from Indonesia to Australia.

December 17, 2000
Seabreeze I sunk 200 miles east of Cape Charles, Virginia. No passengers aboard at the time, 34 crew rescued.

May 1, 2000
World Discoverer developed a 20 degree list off the Solomon Islands and was run aground by her captain to stop it sinking further.

December 23, 1999 - 42 Dead
Ferry Asia-South Korea sinks off the coast of Cebu Island

November 26, 1999 - 16 Dead
Ferry Sleipner grounds then sinks off Norway in rough seas.

August 24, 1999 - 3 Injured
Norwegian Dawn  cruise ship collides with a burning container ship the Ever Decent off Britain's southeast coast.

August 22, 1999 -
Norwegian Dream collision with freighter

May 20, 1999 - 10 Injured
Sun Vista catches fire and sinks

February 6, 1999 - 325 Dead
The Harta Rimba, a ship not licensed for passenger use, sinks in the South China Sea

October 27, 1998 - 31 Dead
Windjammer Barefoot Cruises' Fantome sinks during Hurricane Mitch off Honduras. Life rafts and jackets found floating.

September 18, 1998 - 150 Dead
Sulpicio’s MV Princess of the Orient sank near Fortune Island in Batangas.

July 27, 1998 -
Cruise West's Spirit of '98 grounds in Alaskan Tracy Arm.

June 10, 1998 - 4 Dead 1 Injured
The MV Moby Dick sinks in high seas

May 21, 1996 - 500+ Dead
Ferry sinks in Lake Victoria in east Africa

January 19, 1996 - 340 Dead
Ferry sinks in a storm off Sumatra, Indonesia

September 11, 1995

November 27, 2006
Lyubov Orlova grounding

November 18, 2006
Dix sinking Puget Sound

November 4, 2006
Norwegian Pearl collision with power lines

October 31, 2006
Enchantment Of The Seas rams barge off Grand Cayman

October 14, 2006
Pride Of America collision with buoy

August 19, 2006
Celebrity Cruise Lines Summit cruise ship impales whale on bow of ship off Seward Alaska

August 15, 2006
Carnival Cruise Lines Celebration grounding in Nassau Bahamas

July 18, 2006
Crown Princess tilt, cruise ship prepares for rough seas, and goes into 30 degree list, injuring nearly 100

June 8, 2006
Norwegian Crown  cruise ship grounded

May 6, 2006
San Francisco ferry collision with dock

April 1, 2006
P&O Cruises Artemi  cruise ships, gale force winds, waves to the top decks, and flying televisions result in 9 day passenger torture

March 30, 2006 - 60+ Dead
Al-Dana sinks off the coast of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf

March 24, 2006
Empress Of The North grounding

March 22, 2006
Queen Of The North sinks

February 4, 2006 - 23 Injured
Princess Cruise Line Grand Princess, ship severe listing at sea near Galveston, Texas due to too hard turning,

February 2, 2006 - 1100 Dead
Al-Salaam Boccaccio sinks in Red Sea.

January 19, 2006
Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Spirit tossed byh 50 foot high waves off coast of South Carolina

December 4,  2005
Carnival Destiny Pilot onboard reported collision with Buoy # 8 while transiting through the San Juan Harbor in San Juan Puerto Rico. Minor damage to the Nav Aid was noticeable to the lens and solar panels. No damage to the ship was reported.

October 21, 2005
Hurricane Wilma creates high waves that cause listing, with passenger injuries and damage to Carnival Fascination  cruise ship.

September 4, 2005
Engine failure results in P & O Pacific Sky  cruise ship grounding on reef, near Brisbane AU

August 28, 2005
Lightening strike during thunderstorm off the coast of Mexico caused damage  to RCCL Mariner Of The Seas  cruise ship.

May 28, 1990
Collision, Island Princes and Regent Sea

August 22, 1888
Steam Ship City of Chester, Collides with RMS Oceanic and Sinks, Ship found By NOAA in San Francisco Bay
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